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Jadui pariyon ki kahani

Jadui Mendak Hindi kahani: In childhood, we all must have heard Pariyon ki kahaniya from our elders, which we used to enjoy very much. Apart from this, many times there was sweet sleep as well. Today we have come to remind you back to the same old days, that is to say that all these Pariyon ki kahani shown in our article can be read by everyone from elders to children. Today the title of the story we are going to tell you about pari ki kahani is Jadui Mendak Which we are going to tell you today.

So let us begin the journey of pari ki kahani in a short time, which you will surely enjoy to hear. You are fortunate that through this article, you are getting a box of stories.

जादुई परी की कहानी – Jadui Pariyon ki Kahani

Only a few out of people get such an opportunity, whose luck is very good. Today we have brought a lot of Hindi kahaniya for you, which you must have heard in your childhood from your grandmother or mother or father. Childhood time is the most happy time, because in this time you do not have any kind of responsibility and we sit and listen to Hindi kahaniya comfortably in the lap of rainbow. Now is the time to start the journey of Hindi kahaniyain which you will get to hear a lot of Pariyon ki kahaniya.

You will get to learn a lot from these Pariyon ki kahaniya, because no matter what age, a person keeps on learning something new in every aspect of life. In this story you get to see a cute little frog by the pond with a beautiful princess.

Bahut samay pehle ki baat hai ek bahut pyaari si rajkumari thi jo ki apne rajamahal me pyaare pyaare khilono se khela karti thi. Us rani ka sabse jyada pasandida khilona tha uski golden ball. Is ball se weh apne ghar ke samne wale bageeche me ghanto tak khela karti thi, jisme weh us ball ko hawa me uchalti aur pakad leti, wapas hawa me uchalti aur fir use pakad leti yeh uska favorite khel tha.

Ek din raani us ball se rojana ki tarah khel rahi thi, tabhi ball achanak se uchal kar door chali gayi. Raani us ball ka khoob peecha karti hai lekin ball uchalte-uchalte ek paani ke ek chote se talaab me ja girti hai. Rajkumari Mendhak frog ki baate sunkar hairaan ho jati hai lekin use kisi bhi halat me apni ball wapas chahiye thi. Mendhak frog turant pani me chalang laga kar us ball ko bahar le aata hai.

Raani ball ko wapas dekhkar khush ho jaati hai, aur weh itni jyada khush ho jaati hai ki khushi me apna diya hua wada bhoolkar mehal ki taraf chali jaati hai. Rajakumari Mendhak frog ki awaz ko nahi sunti hai, tabhi Mendhak frog uska peecha karne lagta hai aur rajkumari apne mehal ke paas pahuch jaati hai. Us raat jab rajkumari apne pita ke saath dinner table par khana kha ri hoti hai, tabhi achanak se darwaze par dastak hoti hai.

Mendhak frog ko dekh rajkumari ko bahut gussa aata hai aur weh turant darwaze ko band kar deti hai. Rajkumari ka hao-bhao dekhkar Raja samajh jata hai ki uski beti usse kuch chupa rahe hai.

Rajkumari fir se darwaza kholti hai aur Mendhak frog ko andar aane deti hai. Jab rajkumari kamre me sone ja rahi hoti hai to frog uska peecha karta hai aur uchalta hua uske bistar tak pahuch jata hai.

Rajkumari letti hai aur Mendak frog ek khoobsoorat Rajkumar me badal jata hai. Rajkumari yeh sab dekh hairan reh jaati hai.Facebook Twitter. Here is the story begins Source: needpix. Jadui pari Pariyon ki kahaniyan fairy tele stories. One day he was sitting outside and doing his work. Seeing this Miracle, he was very happy and started thinking that today I have a good day. In that way, a man comes out riding a horse and he grabs the attention of everyone.

The answer is, it is the commander who protects us. After practicing for a while, he sees some soldiers talking to a man very tenderly and goes out to obey his orders.

The soldier speaks, it is the minister whose orders we have to obey. He becomes a minister and goes to a meeting where there are other ministers. He now used to sit under a tree and meditate and take the name of God with his devotees. Due to the wind, the monk also had to go to a safe place to save his life.

Then did he think and become. Then for many days there remained the most powerful as a mountain. One day some parts of it started hurting. Moral of the story - Many times we do not understand our importance and we are so busy in seeing the quality of others that we cannot see our strengths. You can also read Jadui chakki Magical grinder.

Pariyon Ki Kahani | Jadui Chehara | जादुई चेहरा

Baccho ki kahani Stories for kids in hindi. Thank you for visiting us, we hope you enjoy it. Tags fairy tele stories Jadui pari Pariyon ki kahani. Post a Comment. Responsive Advertisement. LinkList ul li ul'.

Tabify by Templateify v1.Jadui Pen :- Friends, the story of the magical pen is the funniest story that is more fun to read. Friends, we mostly see the story of the Jadui Pen on YouTubebut a lot of work is read by the people. But I have brought a story for you to read, which you will like, you can read it by searching on Google.

Was a farmer. He was very poor. He always dreamed of getting rich. But he was unable to do anything due to lack of funds. His art of drawing was very good. One day the farmer was coming back from another village to trade the painting on the way he saw a tree with a ravine in its trunk. The tree looked strange.

The farmer came home with a pen. He looked at the pen very carefully that the tip of the pen was very strange.

jadui pariyon ki kahani

He started drawing natural images with pens and said: — Today I will make a beautifully natural picture so that the pen was made out of his interest and immediately made a beautifully natural picture of himself. The farmer went to another village to sell the picture. He got a lot more gold coin of that one picture.

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The king said: — I will give a prize of hundred gold coins who will make the crown with beautiful art for me. This thing spread throughout the village.

Some people told that artisan farmer about the prize of this hundred gold coin. That farmer thought that just to make beautiful designs in the crown, the king will give a reward of a hundred gold coins. That farmer requests to the king for one day to make a beautiful crown in the court on the second day.

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The king was very happy to see the beautiful crown. The king happily gave two-hundred gold coins to the prize. The farmer refused and said: No Sire, keep this gold coin for use in the development of the people and famine. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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jadui pariyon ki kahani

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Pariyon ki kahaniyan | Jadui pari | fairy tele stories

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jadui pariyon ki kahani

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jadui pariyon ki kahani

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